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Each Project Is Tailor - Made

Technology Agnostic and Environmentally Focused

Bia is a waste to energy development firm providing complete project services from development and design to financing, construction, and long term operation. The Bia team is backed by Helios Energy Investments Fund and has over 10 years of experience developing, acquiring and operating anaerobic digestion projects. Our facilities convert various waste organic materials such as manure, agricultural byproducts, industrial and food waste, to beneficial use as biomethane, electricity, heat, and fertilizer. We apply the most suitable technology based on the feedstock, location, subsidies, and availability.

We Know What It Takes

Bia provides all the essential elements of a successful waste to energy project:



Secure a site with the required specifications for the construction and operation of our project.



Acquire all permits required for construction and operation.



Source various waste streams for successful operation and optimized energy production.



Secure a buyer for the energy produced by the project.



Utilize proven technologies best suited for each application.



Engage EPC firms with proven execution capabilities.



Tap local, specialized companies for operation, service, and maintenance.



Secure financing for the project through our strong connection with private funds and leading financial institutions.

Strategic Principles

Risk Capital

We have our own risk capital required for the development of new projects.

Long Term Agreements

We work only based on long-term agreements with bankable parties to secure long-term sustainability of our projects.

Clear Communication

We work very closely with all the relevant organizations and authorities in the territories, including provinces and municipalities, local communities, energy authorities, legislators, financial institutes, utilities, associations.

Local Partnership

We are always open to local partnership and cooperation

Full Transparency

We work in full transparency with all our partners, suppliers and service providers.

what to expect

Our Project Timeline

Development Phase
12 – 18 Months
Construction Phase
12 - 18 Months
Ramp Up Phase
3 - 4 Months

Life of Facility 25 + Years

Our Projects

Follow the link for a selection of highlighted green energy projects from around the globe. Our experienced team has turned around distressed Anaerobic Digestion assets, and successfully developed both green filed and brown field Renewable Natural Gas projects. 

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